Nuremberger Bratwurst

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Photo linked from Wikimedia. Author Eviyani Lubis

There is not much better than sitting on the terrace at the Bratwursthäusle in Nuremberg on a nice summer evening and enjoying a plate of six Bratwurst with Sauerkraut and a cool, local “Bier”. As this is not always possible for us, here is a Bratwurst recipe that comes close to it.


  • 10 lbs    Pork Shoulder Butts, boneless and trimmed
  •    1 lb    Ice Water
  •   79 g    Salt
  •   23 g    Seasoning mix (below)
  •        5    Large Eggs
  •   14 g    Baking Powder
  •  3 tbs    Milk Powder
  •              Sheep Casings

Grind meat one time with some ice water through the fine plate.
Add all other ingredients and mix thoroughly.
Fill into 22/24 mm Sheep Casings or 21 mm clear Collagen casings and link 4 inches long. Size and length of a breakfast sausage link.
Grill on a low heat or pan fry and serve.

Nuremberger Bratwurst Seasoning:

  • 100 g    White Pepper
  •   50 g    Mace
  •   25 g    Ginger
  •   16 g    Marjoram
  •   12 g    Caraway

All herbs and spices are ground or granulated unless otherwise specified!
Mix thoroughly and store in an airtight container!



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