Saxon Bratwurst

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This recipe is from the Siebenbürger Sachsen Club in Detroit, Michigan


  • 11 lbs    Pork Shoulder Butts boned and trimmed
  •   83 g    Salt
  •     7 g    White Pepper
  •     7 g    Hungarian Paprika
  •  7.2 g    Garlic Powder

If you like the taste of garlic, you can increase the garlic powder to 10 g or to satisfy your own taste.


Grind meat through the fine plate one time. Dissolve seasoning in some ice water and pour over meat. Mix thoroughly.
Stuff into 32/35 mm Hog Casing and leave in long rings or link to your preference.
To serve, precook in water and brown on all sides in a pan with some butter or BBQ.


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