Rotini Salad

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  •   1½ lbs    Rotini noodles
  • 1-16 oz    Italian Dressing
  •      1 jar    McCormick’s Salad Seasoning
  •     1 can    Pitted Black Olives sliced
  •           3    Tomatoes diced
  •                 Seedless Cucumber sliced
  •           1    Green Pepper diced
  •      1 lrg    Red Onion diced
  •                 Fresh Broccoli florets


Cook the noodles al dente. If they are overcooked they become mushy in the salad.
Rinse in cold water and chill.
Add all the vegetables, amounts according to taste, then the seasoning.
At the end add the dressing, toss and serve.

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