Virgin Hugo

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A classic refreshing summer drink in Europe


  • 2 cl    Elderflower Syrup**
  •    1    Wedge of Lime
  •    1    fresh Mint leaf
  •          Sparkling Mineral Water
  •          Ice cubes


In a Highball glass (10-12 ounces) pour in the elderflower syrup.
Squeeze in some lime juice and drop the remaining wedge into the glass.
Lightly squeeze the mint leaf to release it’s flavor and add to the glass.
Add ice cubes and fill up with mineral water. To adjust the taste add more elderflower syrup.
Stir lightly and serve.

The Syrup used is from the Elderflowers, not the berries! We will publish how to make your own Elderflower Syrup shortly, as for now we found the syrup at our local IKEA store.

**2 cl is the size of a regular shot-glass about 3/4 full

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