Karl’s Lachs/Lox

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  •      1 lb     Salmon fillet, skin on
  •    4 tbs     Kosher or Sea Salt
  •    4 tbs     Sugar
  • 1 pinch     Dillweed

also needed

  •         1     large Zip Lock Bag
  •         1      Brick
  •         1     Casserole pan or dish

Mix salt, sugar and dill together.

Rub Salmon with all of the mixture and place into Zip Lock bag. Remove as much air from bag as possible and seal bag.

Place bag with the fish skin up into casserole dish, place brick on top and refrigerated over night.

Open bag and drain all fluid. Reclose the bag placing fish skin down in the casserole dish and refrigerate again overnight with the brick on top.

Repeat the process one more time.

On Day 3 remove the brined salmon which is now considered Lox, scrape off any left over salt/sugar crust, slice paper thin against the grain and enjoy.

For a smoked flavor, a few drops of liquid smoked can be added to the seasoning mix.

This is the Northern European way of Sushi.

We enjoy this on a freshly baked Sourdough Rye Bread with some butter and slivered fresh Garlic on top, to combat the ensuing garlic breath, or mother made us chew on whole coffee beans!

Or you could just throw it, with creamed cheese, on a bagel. Try Capers on top as an add on.



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