Bavarian Fleischpflanzerl

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  •  500 g      Ground Meat (calls for Beef and Pork, but Beef will do)
  •         2      large slices Italian Bread
  • 100 ml     Milk  room temperature
  •          1    Onion about 100 g
  •     1 tbs    Butter
  •          2     Eggs
  •     2 tsp    Brown Mustard
  •     1 tsp    Salt
  •    ½ tsp    Pepper
  •    ½ tsp    Paprika
  •    ½ tsp    Marjoram ground
  •    ½ tsp    Nutmeg
  •     40  g    Butter for frying


Soak bread in milk.Finely chop onion. In frying pan sweat onions with butter until glassy. Place ground meat into a bowl and mix in eggs, soaked bread and mustard. Fold in onions and add all other spices to taste.Form 8-10 patties.In frying pan use butter to fry out the patties at medium temperature for about 15 minutes, flipping them a few times.

Serve with: Bavarian Potato Salad, Fried Potatoes or even on a Hard Roll as a delicious Sandwich.

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