Schopperla – Schupfnudeln

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  •       1 kg     Potatoes
  •     200 g     Flour
  •            5     Eggs
  •       1/4 l     Milk
  •      1 tsp     Salt
  •   2–3 tbs    Oil
  •       50 g     Butter


Boil potatoes, peel and cool completely.
Push potatoes through a potato press (potato ricer), add flour, 3 eggs and salt and knead it into a dough.
Wet your hands in cold water and with damp hands roll out ½ inch thick and 3 inch long dumplings “Schopperle”.
Heat oil in frying pan and fry noodles until golden brown.
Arrange “Schopperle” in casserole dish.
Blend the other 2 eggs together with milk and some salt and pour over the “Schopperle”.
Place in preheated oven and bake until egg mixture is firm all the way through.

Serve with Sauerkraut  or as a dessert with a fruit cocktail or apple sauce


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