Eierlikör – Egg Liqueur – Our Family Original

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We make it every year for Christmas in memory of Onkel Henry and – because we all love it!


  •          12    Egg Yolks
  •    2 cups    Baker’s Sugar
  •      3 pkg    Vanilla sugar (27 g)
  •    3 pints    Heavy Cream
  • 2½ cups    Vodka (80 proof) or 1⅛ cup Spiritus (150 proof)


Beat together egg yolks and sugars until the sugars are dissolved.
Add the cream, beat until it thickens somewhat.
Stir in the Vodka.
Pour into clean/sterilized glass bottles and keep refrigerated.

Contains raw egg yolks!

Making it with pasteurized eggs is possible
but in our experience changes the consistency of the liqueur


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