Granulated Vegetable Base

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Many German recipes call for “Suppengrün”, which is a combination of different vegetables and roots, like onions, celeriac, celery, garlic, parsley roots, leek, parsnip, carrots and others. This is a dried version of the basics, which with the included salt can be used in place of vegetable bouillon cubes. Found this on the German Rezepte-Wiki site when I was looking for “Gekörnte Brühe”. If you are not that ambitious to do this, “Vegeta” might be a good alternative for you.


  •             2    Onions
  •   2 cloves    Garlic
  •             4    Carrots
  •             1    Leek
  •   4 stalks    Celery
  • ½ bundle    Parsley
  •       2 tbs    Salt
  •             1    Parsnip
  •                   Pepper
  •                   Lovage (optional)


Clean all vegetables and mince finely.
Add the salt and pepper and mix everything thoroughly.
Spread out on Parchment covered cookie sheet(s).
Dry in convection oven at 170ºF for 7 – 8 hours. Or use a dehydrator.

Pulverize dried vegetables in blender and transfer to a Ball jar with lid.
Store in cool, dry place.

Use as needed to improve soups or sauces.

This is a base recipe, use your own favorite herbs, vegetables and roots to please your taste.

after drying

after mincing

finished product

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