Meaty Lentil Soup

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  •      2 lbs    Smoked Ham cubed
  •                 Ham Bone if available
  •        1 lb    Lentils
  •    2 cups    Potatoes
  •     ½ cup    Carrots
  •   1¼ cup    Onions, diced
  •            2    Bay Leaves
  • 3 cloves    Garlic, minced or Granulated Garlic
  •  12 cups    Water
  •        2-4     Vegetable Bouillon cubes
  •                  Dash of Thyme
  •                  Pepper to taste
  •                  Vegetable Oil


Saute onions with a little vegetable oil in a stock pot.
Sort and rinse lentils.
Peel and dice potatoes and clean and sliver carrots.
Add all the ingredients to the stock pot except for the bouillon cubes.
Bring to a boil.
Then add 2 bouillon cubes, stir and simmer for about 1½ hours.
Taste the broth to see if it needs more bouillon.

It all depends on the type of smoked ham, its strength of flavor and saltiness.
Add more bouillon if needed.
Remove bay leaves and ham bone before serving.  

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