Quark with Chives

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Looking around up scale grocery stores and specialty food stores, it seems like Quark can be found on a more regular base. Quark, which is a cross between Ricotta, farmers cheese, queso fresco and even cottage cheese is widely used in Germany in the traditional cheese cakes and tortes, but also as a side for potatoes or even as desert.




  •     500 g      Quark
  •   1 small      Onion, grated
  •      3 tbs      Mineral Water
  •      1 tsp      Salt
  •     ½ tsp      Pepper
  •    1 dash     Liquid Sweetener
  •  1-2 tbs      Chives


In a medium bowl add all ingredients, except the chives, and stir until well blended. Chop the chives and fold in last.

Excellent with cooked Potatoes as a side dish or a meat free main dish.

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