Elderflower Liqueur

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A potful of Elderflower Blossoms


  •       35-40    Elderflower Blossoms
  •       3 Liter    Water, lukewarm
  •          50 g    Citric Acid
  •         1  kg    Sugar
  •   3 bottles    Vodka 0,7 Liter  – 80 proof –

Prepare the elder blossoms by shaking them vigorously to eliminate any possible insects. (We usually do this before we bring the blossoms inside).
Cut off the thick stems and place them into a large pot.
Pour in the lukewarm water and the citric acid, cover and set aside for 24 hours.
Filter through a cheesecloth and add the sugar and the vodka stirring occasionally.
Fill the liqueur into bottles once the sugar is disolved.
Store in a cool and dark location.

As this does not need time to ripen you can enjoy the first shot right away.
It will hopefully last you until the next time the elder trees blossom!
Try pouring a shot the next time you serve Vanilla Ice Cream.

The original recipe calls for Korn -38%- a German type of clear booze made from Rye.


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