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for 2 small Stollen


  •    550 g     Flour
  •       21 g    Dry Yeast
  •  200 ml     Milk
  •    150 g     Unsalted Butter
  •           2     Egg Yolks
  •    125 g     Sugar
  •           1     Vanilla Sugar
  •  1 pinch     Salt
  •   200 g      Raisins
  •   50 ml      Rum
  •   200 g      Blanched Almonds
  •     50 g      Candied Lemon Peel
  •     50 g      Candied Orange Peel
  •                  Zest of 1 Lemon


  • 50 g      Unsalted Butter, melted
  • 50 g      Confectioners Sugar


Day prior to baking:
In a bowl soak the raisins with rum, stirring occasionally until ready to mix into the dough.
Medium-chop the almonds.
The candied lemon and orange peel come diced but need to be chopped smaller. Spraying your chopping knife with a little Pam will make this much easier.

Combine the almonds, candies fruits and lemon zest, cover and set aside until needed, but do not refrigerate.

Morning of baking:
Melt and lightly brown the butter. Set aside to cool to room temperature.
Drain the raisins and add to the nuts and fruits.
All ingredients should be at room temperature unless indicated.

Add the flour to a large mixing bowl, making a well in the center.
Heat the milk to lukewarm.
Place yeast in a small bowl and add some milk to it, stirring until it is dissolved (it should form some bubbles,this means the yeast is active).
Pour the yeast into the well and add the rest of the milk, stir, drawing in a little of the flour, and add a sprinkling of sugar, this is called a sponge.
Cover with a clean kitchen towel.
Now it’s time to proof the yeast.
It needs to be set in a warm place, or the oven can be used with some caution.
Heat the oven up to 100°F and then turn it off.
The oven temperature can not exceed 110°F as this could kill the yeast thus preventing it from rising. Leaving the oven light on helps to keep the oven warm longer.
When the sponge has doubled in size, (approx. ½ -1 hour) it is time to mix the dough.
First knead the flour into the sponge, add the sugars, eggs and salt.
Knead the dough so that it is well blended, then add the fruit mixture and knead again until mixed through.
Now add the butter.
It will seem kind of squashy but keep kneading until the dough binds together and becomes somewhat elastic.
Form into a ball, leave it in the bowl, cover with a towel.
Again place in a warm area or use the oven method.
Remember, if it’s not warm enough the dough will not rise and if it’s to warm it will kill the yeast.
Allow to rise until the dough doubles in size.
This could take hours, depending on the temperature in the area where the dough is placed.
After the dough has risen and doubled in size, punch it down and divided in two portions, each will be one Stollen.
Grease the Stollen form(s) with butter and push the dough firmly into the form.
There is enough dough for 2 small forms (23½ cm) or 1 large (39½ cm)
Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and place the form(s) on it upside down (metal side up).
Preheat oven to 350°F and bake the Stollen for 45 minutes, remove the form and bake for another 15 minutes.
When the Stollen is removed from the oven brush the top with butter.
Allow to cool slightly, dust with confectioners sugar.
Allow to rest for 1-2 days.

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