Oma Kaethe’s Meatloaf

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  •       500 g    Ground Beef
  •              1    Hard Roll, day old or 2 slices of French Bread
  •              2    Eggs
  •     1 large    Onion
  •        1 tbs    Prepared Mustard
  •        1 tsp    Salt
  •       1 tsp    Pepper

for the Gravy:

  •    1  Liter    Beef Broth
  •      1  tbs    Prepared Mustard
  •      1  tbs    Flour
  •      1  tbs    Butter
  •                  Salt and Pepper to taste


Soak the bread in water and squeeze the water out. Dice the onion.
In a bowl combine the meat, bread, eggs, onion, mustard; season with salt and pepper and knead together until it binds.
Shape the meat into a loaf form.
In a ovenproof pot heat the broth and stir in the mustard.
Place the meat into the broth and bake in oven at 350ºF for about an hour. Check meat temperature with a thermometer.
While baking baste with broth occasionally.
Prepare a roux with the butter and flour and blend into the sauce at the end. Bring to a short boil and season the gravy with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with potatoes and mixed vegetables.


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