Herring Salad “Matjessalat”

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  •   500 g    Matjesfilets
  •          2    Eggs, hard boiled
  •   100 g    Onions
  •   100 g    McIntosh Apple
  • 1 small    Red Pepper
  •          1    Sweet-Sour Pickle
  •   ½ tsp    Black Pepper
  •    1 tbs    Herb Vinegar
  •    1 tsp    Sugar
  •                Parsley


Matjesfilets is a lightly salted herring fillet which can be purchased in specialty stores.
Cut fillets into ½ inch pieces.
Core and peel apple.
Dice eggs, onions, apple, pepper and pickle, transfer into a bowl and carefully mix together.
In a small bowl mix together vinegar, sugar and 4 tbs water.
Pour the dressing over the herring, stir gently and marinate for 1-2 hours.

Garnish with parsley and serve on toasted bread.

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