Spinach Salad

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  •     1 lb    Lean Bacon
  •  1 cup    Brown Sugar
  •  1 cup    White Vinegar
  •   1 tbs    Worcestershire Sauce
  •   1 tbs    Dried Parsley
  •  ½ tsp    Dried Basil
  •              Garlic Powder to taste


  •              Fresh Baby Spinach
  •              Hard Boiled Eggs
  •              Fresh Button Mushrooms
  •              Red Onion


Slice eggs, onions and mushrooms.
Clean spinach for the quantity of salad you wish to make, divide onto individual plates and top with eggs, mushrooms and some red onions.

Finely dice bacon and fry in a large frying pan.
Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer until the sugar has dissolved.
Spoon hot over spinach salad and serve.

One recipe of dressing is enough for 4 -5 larger salads.

Adjust amounts according to taste and to the size of the salad portions.

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