Senfgurken (Mustard Gherkins)

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  • 3½-4 lbs    Cucumbers
  •   1½ cup    White Vinegar
  •   1½ cup    Water
  •        ½ lb    Onions, sliced
  •       5 tbs    Sugar
  •    1½ tbs    Mustard Seeds, whole
  •      ½ tsp    Turmeric, ground
  •      a few    Peppercorns, whole
  •    3-4 tbs    Salt


Day 1:
Peel cucumbers, slice in half lengthwise, with a spoon remove seeds and discard.
Cut cucumbers in 1 inch slices into a stainless steel bowl and coat with the salt from the ingredients list.
Refrigerate overnight.

Day 2:
Drain cucumbers (Do not rinse).
In a 3 quart pot combine all other ingredients and bring to a boil.
Add cucumbers and bring it up to a boil again.
In meantime sterilize 2 mason jars with screw on lids.
Transfer cucumbers and onions into the jars, filling them with the hot brine.
Close jars while hot, let cool down and store in refrigerator.
As these gherkins are not canned in a boiling water bath they are a lot crispier but should be kept refrigerated.

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