Cherry Cake

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  • 750 ml    Morello Cherries
  •   250 g    Unsalted Butter
  •   200 g    Sugar
  •       9 g    Vanilla Sugar
  •          4    Eggs, large
  •   500 g    Flour
  •     14 g    Baking Powder
  •   100 g    Hazelnuts, ground
  •    2 tbs    Rum
  • 125 ml    Milk
  •                Coarse Sugar


Drain Cherries in a sieve.
Cream the butter with sugar and vanilla sugar and then gradually add eggs.
Stir together flour, baking powder and ground hazelnuts.
With mixer on low speed gradually add flour mix to creamed butter.
Then add the rum and milk and mix thoroughly.
Fold in the cherries.
Grease a 10½ inch springform and dust with plain bread crumbs.
Pour batter into form and sprinkle coarse sugar on top.
Bake at 350°F for 65 minutes.
After 45 minutes cover the cake with parchment paper to prevent burning.
Remove from form and allow to cool on wire rack.

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