Egg Shell Cutter

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Eating a couple of soft boiled eggs for breakfast I came to the conclusion that the eggshells are a lot thinner nowadays than they used to be and the old way to “behead” these eggs with a knife causes, quite often, a completely shattered shell.

Years ago, a friend coming from Germany for a visit presented me with the gadget pictured on the left. It is the original Clack Egg Cracker.

After a long resting period in a kitchen drawer I decided to try this gadget again on those thinner shells. In my opinion it works perfectly. Letting the weight hit the egg once or twice scores the shell that the egg is easy to cut with any knife without having those pesky crunchy eggshell pieces mixed in with my egg (if I need extra calcium I drink milk instead).

Here is a short You Tube video showing how it works.

I found a Swiss video on YouTube testing some more of those gadgets:
(Caution: If you think you understand German and you don’t understand a word they say, it is not you, as the video is in the Swiss “dialect”)

My experience is with the Clack Egg Cracker featured in the first video and with this the original from Germany, I see there are cheaper knock offs of which I have no idea what the quality is like.

Bottom line: This gadget is not the cheapest, but for those of you who enjoy soft boiled eggs in the morning I would highly recommend it if you are sick and tired of having eggshells in your eggs!


Here are a few other Toppers that seem to work as per YouTube videos:

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