Schoenwalder Krambambuli

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This variation was served at the Christmas Market in Schoenwald in Bavaria.
A big thank you to the lady working in the stand, who walked home to get a copy of the recipe for me!


  •   750 ml    White Wine
  •     200 g    Turbinado Sugar
  •            1    Stick Cinnamon
  •            2    Gloves
  • 1000 ml    Strong Black Tea
  •            2    Lemons
  •            2    Oranges
  •   250 ml    Brown Rum


Prepare the tea.
Squeeze the lemons and oranges.

In a large pot, heat the wine together with the sugar and spices, but do not bring it to a boil.
Strain the wine and mix with the hot tea.
Add the fruit juices and the rum.

Serve hot in heat proof glasses or cups.

Have a lovely winter and enjoy!

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