Schoenwalder Krambambuli

This variation was served at the Christmas Market in Schoenwald in Bavaria. A big thank you to the lady working in the stand, who walked home to get a copy of the recipe for me! Ingredients:   750 ml    White … Continue reading

Cheese Ball with Corned Beef

  Ingredients:         2    Cream Cheese, 8oz         2    Green Onion, bunches cleaned and finely sliced  2 pkgs   Corned Beef 2oz finely chopped**    2 tsp    Soy Sauce                Cornmeal Directions: Let cream cheese soften … Continue reading

Goulash Soup

Ingredients:     1 lb    Beef Stew, lean    ¾ lb    Onion, diced    13 g    Karin’s Goulash Seasoning*  1 can    Tomato Sauce, 15 oz 4 cups    Water         1    Knorr Beef Bouillon Cube**         2    Potatoes, raw   3 … Continue reading

Black Forest Potato Salad

Recipe of this “Schwäbischer Kartoffelsalat” from our neighbor Annelies and enjoyed by us many times on various occasions! Ingredients:       8 lbs    Potatoes**see notation below      1 cup    Sweet Onions, diced                   … Continue reading

Leberkaes mit Ei – Wurst Loaf with Egg

This is really worth a try – as a very quick dinner. Ingredients: a ½ to ¾ inch slice of Leberkaes, also sold as V-Loaf in many German Delicatessen.** 1 Egg, fried sunny side up Directions: Fry a slice of … Continue reading

Gustav’s Leberkaes

Under German food law Leberkaes does not have to contain Liver in Bavaria, if it is called Bavarian Leberkäse. This recipe is made with Liver. It is the recipe from Gustav’s Metzgerei (Meat shop) in my Northern Bavarian Hometown and … Continue reading

Krautsalat – Cole Slaw

**You will need 3 – 4 pounds of cleaned, cored and shredded cabbage for this recipe, so we usually start with a head of cabbage weighing about 5 pounds. Ingredients:                  Cabbage, see note above** ¾ pound    Spanish Onion     … Continue reading

Fleischkaes – Wurst Loaf

Under German food law this can also be called a Bavarian Leberkäse even if it does not contain any Liver. Ingredients:   2 lbs    Ground Pork or Beef and Pork mixture   11 g    Salt  2¼ g    Pink Cure  2¼ … Continue reading

Stuffed Porkchops

    Ingredients:          6    Pork Chops, boneless, thick cut Stuffing:  1½ lbs    Pork, ground          2    Eggs   ½ cup    Bread Crumbs, unseasoned   ¼ cup    Dried Onions, minced or chopped   … Continue reading

Meat stuffing with Hazelnuts

This is an excellent, top of the line stuffing which we used in our store for Pork Crown Roasts. We also recommend this stuffing for Pork Chops, Beef Wellington, Meat Stuffed Rouladen and even as Meatballs. Ingredients: ½ pound    Ground … Continue reading