Egg Shell Cutter

Eating a couple of soft boiled eggs for breakfast I came to the conclusion that the eggshells are a lot thinner nowadays than they used to be and the old way to “behead” these eggs with a knife causes, quite … Continue reading

Anna’s Extra Cheesy Noodle Casserole

Ingredients:     1 lb    Elbow Macaroni for White Sauce:   8 tbs    Butter   8 tbs    Flour 4 cups    Half and Half   1 tsp    Salt               Black Pepper to taste 1½ lbs    Co-Jack cheese finely cubed or shredded for … Continue reading

Our Beef Goulash

Ingredients: 1¾ lbs    Beef Stew 1¾ lbs    Onions   1 can    Tomato Sauce, 15 oz  3 cups    Beef Broth     18 g    Karin’s Goulash Seasoning* Add more Cayenne Pepper to achieve desired heat! Directions: Cut the lean beef … Continue reading

Einbrenn – Roux

  Ingredients: 2 tbs    Butter 2 tbs    Flour Directions: In a small frying pan melt the butter over medium heat. Add the flour stirring constantly until it turns light brown*/**. In a smaller bowl add some gravy to some … Continue reading

Karin’s Goulash Seasoning

Ingredients: 150 g    Hungarian Paprika   16 g    Granulated Garlic     4 g    Cayenne Pepper     2 g    Marjoram     2 g    Caraway     2 g    Thyme     2 g    Allspice     2 g    Rosemary     2 g    Bay … Continue reading

Salad Dressing with Beet Juice

  Ingredients: ¾ cup    Mayonnaise ½ cup    Half & Half ½ cup    Pickled Beet Juice** ¼ cup    Olive Oil   2 tbs    Red Wine Vinegar   1 tsp    Sugar   1 tsp    Crushed Dried Oregano   1 tsp    Dried Dill-weed … Continue reading

Lebkuchen Spice

  Many German Ginger Bread recipes call for Lebkuchengewürz, which can be bought premixed in stores all over Germany.This spice blend is a lot harder to find in the USA, so here is a recipe to blend it yourself. Ingredients: … Continue reading

Jalapeno Cheese Patties

Starter Recipe for Jalapeno Cheese Patties, for extra heat use hotter peppers or add Cayenne Pepper to your liking. Ingredients:  10 lbs    Pork Shoulder Butt, boneless and trimmed  454 g    Hot Pepper Jack Cheese    75 g    … Continue reading