Elderflower Drink

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In our search for the ingredients for a drink which we liked in Germany we finally found the Elderflower syrup at our local IKEA and they also had a recipe card of their own, which we tried and liked.  It is an excellent summer drink.


    •  1.5 oz    Vodka
    • 3/4 oz    Elderflower syrup
    •         1    Lime
    •    8 oz    Tonic water
    •               Ice


Combine vodka, syrup and the juice of 1/2 a lime with ice in a highball glass and fill up with tonic water.
They recommend slicing the other half and adding it to the drink with one slice as decoration on the rim.
We only used 1/2 a lime and added the squeezed out part to the glass, the looks were probably not as great as adding more slices, but the drink was excellent.
Try adding a sprig of mint to it, you might like it.

The drink we had in Germany is called a Hugo.
The Syrup used is from the Elderflowers, not the berries! If you want to make your own, see the recipe here.


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