Pudding Shots

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Pudding Shots Base Recipe


  • 1 small pkg.  Jello Pudding
  •            8 oz  Cool Whip
  •          3 fl oz  Milk
  •          6 fl oz  Liquor/Alcohol


Mix together pudding and milk on low speed, mix will be very thick.
Pour in the alcohol of your choice and mix until well blended.
Add Cool Whip and beat on medium/high speed until peaks form.
Transfer to serving cup size of your choice.
Mark the lid with permanent marker if you make a variety.

Can be made ahead and frozen for future use!

Some flavor ideas:

First Ingredient (in Italics) is the pudding flavor

  • Amaretto: French Vanilla with Amaretto
  • Brandy Alexander: Chocolate – Brandy – Nutmeg
  • Mudslide: ChocolateIrish cream and Kahlua
  • Tiramisu: VanillaKahlua – Amaretto – Vodka – Cinnamon
  • Cheesecake: Vanilla – Raspberry syrup – Vodka – Irish Cream – Vanilla Extract
  • Butterscotch: ButterscotchIrish Cream – Vodka
  • Pina Colada: Vanilla – Rum – Vodka – Pineapple Juice – Cream of Coconut
  • Black Forest: Chocolate – Cherry Vodka – Irish Cream – Black Cherry Syrup
  • Kahlua: Chocolate – Kahlua
  • Hazelnut: Vanilla – Hazelnut Syrup – Eier Liquor – Vodka
  • Tequila Rose: VanillaTequila Rose – Vodka

Click on the links for our home made equivalent versions of some of the liqueurs used.

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