Salmon Canapés

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  •     400 g     Smoked Salmon
  •     300 g     Cream Cheese
  •       2 tbs    Horseradish, prepared
  •       2 tbs    Tartar Sauce
  •       1 tsp    Salt

For the Garnish:

  •            4      Eggs, hard boiled
  •            5      Sweet-Sour Pickles
  •        3 tbs     Caviar
  •    1 Bunch     Dill, fresh
  •                     Onion, thinly sliced
  •              1     Baguette


Combine the cream cheese with horseradish, tartar sauce and salt (to taste) and blend thoroughly.
Peel and slice the hard boiled eggs.
Cut bread (baguette) about ½ inch thick and spread with cream cheese mix.
Top with smoked salmon and garnish with a slice of egg, some caviar and onion slice.

Place on serving platter and decorate with sprigs of fresh dill.





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