Franken Lentil Soup

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  • 500 g    Lentils
  • 150 g    Carrots
  • 100 g    Celeriac
  • 100 g    Onions
  • 100 g    Leek
  • 300 g    Smoked Bacon
  •  4 tbs    Vegetables, dried and granulated
  • 200 g    Potatoes
  •      2 l    Water

Parsley to garnish
Frankfurters or other smoked sausages (optional)


After sorting and rinsing lentils place in a pot with 2 liters of water.
Clean and rinse the soup vegetables.
Dice carrots, celeriac, onion and slice leek into rings.
Add prepared vegetables to the pot.
Place bacon in the pot and simmer covered for 45 minutes.
When done, add the dried vegetables.
To bind the soup grate the peeled, raw potato fold into the soup and bring it to up to a boil. Garnish with parsley.

If added, warm Frankfurters in the soup for the last 5 minutes.

As a side we enjoy a fresh hard roll with liver sausage on it.



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