Broccoli Soup

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  •      1 tbs    Olive Oil
  •   1¼ cup    Onions, diced
  •   1½ cup    Potatoes, diced
  •     ¾ cup    Carrots. diced
  •       1 lbs    Broccoli
  • 6½ cups    Vegetable Bouillion
  •                  Salt
  •                  Black Pepper
  •                  ground Sage
  •                  ground Mustard


Heat oil in a pot, add onions, carrots and potatoes and sautée.
Add broccoli and pour in vegetable bouillon.
Simmer for about 15 minutes.
Add salt and seasonings to taste.
Purée with an Immersion Blender, bring back to a boil and add more seasoning if necessary.

Can be served with a dollop of sour cream or Crème Fraîche (see substitute recipe under sauces).

We use a Braun Immersion Blender,
which is not available in the USA anymore (120V).


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