Golden Gate Meats Bratwurst

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The Bratwurst the way we made it in our Store in Troy, Michigan.

Picture courtesy of Geier’s Sausage Kitchen Sarasota Florida


  •     10 lb     Pork Shoulder Butts, boneless and trimmed
  •    1½ lbs    Ice-cold Water
  •       79 g    Salt
  •       20 g    Seasoning mix (below)
  •         4-5    Medium Eggs
  •       14 g    Baking Powder
  •      4 tbs    Milk Powder
  •                 Zest from ½ Lemon


Grind meat through the fine blade.
Dissolve salt and seasoning mix in water
Add all other ingredients and mix thoroughly.
Fill into 30/32 mm hog casings and link 6 inches long.

The way we cook our Sausage:
●    Place Sausage in Frying Pan and cover with water.
●    Simmer Sausage until done – Caution: If water temperature goes above 170°F – Sausage might split open!
●    Pour out water and brown sausages with some butter/oil or grill them on the BBQ

Golden Gate Meats Bratwurst Seasoning:

  • 100 g    White Pepper
  •   25 g    Mace
  •   25 g    Nutmeg
  •   25 g    Cardamon

All herbs and spices are ground or granulated!

Mix thoroughly and store in an airtight container!


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