Pork Sausage Links without Sage

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  •     10 lbs    Pork Shoulder Butts, boneless and trimmed
  •       76 g    Salt
  •       11 g    Seasoning Premix


Grind meat through the fine blade.
Dissolve salt and seasoning mix in water
Add all other ingredients and mix thoroughly.
Fill into Sheep Casings and link 4 inches long. 21 mm edible collagen casings can also be used.

The way we cook our Sausage:
●    Place Sausage in Frying Pan and cover with water.
●    Simmer Sausage until done – Caution: If water temperature goes above 170°F – Sausage might split open!
●    Pour out water and brown sausages with some butter/oil or grill them on the BBQ

Pork Sausage Seasoning:

  •   35 g    White Pepper
  •   11 g    Mace
  •     7 g    Ginger
  •     2 g    Celery Seed, ground


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