Leberkaes mit Ei – Wurst Loaf with Egg

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leberkaes mit ei

Picture shows a fried slice of our Basic Wurst/Lunch Meat recipe.

This is really worth a try – as a very quick dinner.


  • a ½ to ¾ inch slice of Leberkaes, also sold as V-Loaf in many German Delicatessen.**
  • 1 Egg, fried sunny side up


Fry a slice of Leberkaes and an egg and serve with a Hard Roll and/or Bratkartoffeln (Fried Potatoes).

This is done in a few minutes and a lot more economical than going to a restaurant.

As Bavarian Leberkaes (Bavarian Liver Cheese) contains neither liver nor cheese, there are  different ways to go about it, which depend on your personal taste, time and effort.

One is to make your Wurst Loaf from scratch. To do this just follow one of our recipes:

you can also use the recipes of our

instead of stuffing the meat into casings, transfer the meat into a loaf pan and bake like the Wurst Loaf.

**The other way is to buy a slice of V-Loaf, Pepper Loaf, Kielbasa Loaf, Dutch Loaf, Old Fashioned Loaf, even Football Loaf or if you like also a good Farmers Bologna. You could even try a Chicken or Turkey Lunch meat and see if you like it!




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